Exclusive Interview with Nuberg GPD by Gas World

Exclusive Interview with Nuberg GPD by Gas World

Exclusive Interview With Nuberg Gpd By Gas World

Coined by two friends in 1996, Nuberg Engineering Limited now stands as one of India’s most recognised gas plant suppliers and runs under three separate divisions.

Nuberg: Gas Plant Division (GPD), one of the three divisions, has a key focus on hydrogen through water and hydrocarbons, nitrogen through Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA), oxygen through PSA and Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption (VPSA), gas dryer systems and compressed air systems.

Throughout its 23 years in business, Nuberg Gas Plant Division, under the guidance of its Founder and Managing Director V.K. Gupta, has supplied approximately 36 countries and has over 1,000 installations across India. The division acting as a single source of process development, project engineering and construction of plants, gives Nuberg a competitive edge to excel in the gas plant market. 

Nuberg Gas Plant Division, the mothering unit of Nuberg Engineering Limited, was formed as a result of the founders’ background in mechanical engineering and their desire to better the field. The friends’ drive led them to begin supplying onsite nitrogen gas plants through PSA technology under collaboration with CarboTech Gmbh.

After gradually winning orders from steel companies with nitrogen used in furnaces, Nuberg soon became a well-established name in the field of PSA nitrogen generators and then similarly started supply onsite PSA oxygen plants.

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