Heatless Type Air Dryer

Heatless Air Dryer


The heatless type dryer is designed to take advantage of the natural tendency to dessicant to established equilibrium with their surrounding and can deliver super dry compressed air. These type of dryers are the most economical and dew points up to (-)40 °c are easily achieved. Such dryers are mostly preferred for flow up to 500 cfm.


  • Excellent functionality
  • High efficiency
  • Superior performance
  • Robust construction


In this dryer two desiccant towers are used. While one tower is in drying, second tower undergoes regeneration simultaneously.

Part of dry air coming out from tower in-line goes for regeneration of the second tower.
Tower changeover takes place at every 5 minutes by a sequence controller mounted in control panel.

A typical representation for the plant is shown in the figure below.


  • Synthetic Fiber Industry
  • Chemical Process Industry
  • Air Curtains
  • Other Miscl. Industrial Applications



Air Dryer

Plant Capacity

1 – 10,000 NM³/Hr.


Product Specifications

Capacity: 20 CFM to 500 CFM

Dew Point: -40 to -60 deg C ADP

Purge Loss: 12-15