Oxygen VPSA System


Generate High Purity Oxygen directly in gaseous form. Power efficient systems with Flow achievable from 500-5000 Nm3/hr.


Air from a Blower is first cooled in an Aftercooler to reduce its moisture content and condensed moisture is separated in Moisture Separator. The cooled air passes through a Tower containing an adsorbent which has the property to separate oxygen from the air resulting in a gas contains 93% oxygen (balance being argon & nitrogen) coming out as product gas.

To ensure continuous flow of product gas, the other Tower is simultaneously regenerated by extracting the gases adsorbed in the previous cycle by a Vacuum Pump. Automatic operation is achieved by opening & closing the valves in a preset sequence by using a PLC.

The oxygen product flow is compressed to the required discharge pressure, if required and fed to end use process.

The waste gas is 80-85% Nitrogen and 11-15% Oxygen which is vented to atmosphere via discharge silencer.


  • Simplicity & compact Design
  • Fully automatic & safe
  • Independent Oxygen Source
  • Safe Operation, Low working Pressure
  • Ambient Temperature Operation
  • Need Only electrical power and cooling water


  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Glass Industry
  • Ampules & Vials manufacturing
  • Lamps Industry
  • T.V. Picture Tube Manufacturing Industry
  • Steel Industry
  • Brazing industry
  • Water Treatment
  • Chemical & Petrochemical
  • Oxybleaching and Delignification for Pulp and Paper Mills.
  • Ozone gas Generation.
  • Oxygen Fuel Burners.
  • Furnace Enrichment.
  • Gold purification.
  • Uranium Recovery.



Oxygen Gas

Plant Capacity

500 – 5000 NM³/Hr.


Product Specifications

– Oxygen : 90 – 94%

– Balance : Nitrogen & Argon

– Pressure : 0.25 – 0.5 Bar (without compressor)

– Dew Point : (-) 40°C