Pharmaceutical industries are very heavily dependent on gases for various medical purposes. These functions include the sterlization, synthesization,  and insulation of various components. 

Some of the gases commonly used in Pharmaceutical industries are: 

1. Oxygen Gas: Oxygen therapy is used in several applications. For instance, to supplement the breathing of patients whose respiratory systems have been compromised. Moreover, it is also used as liquid medication into the lungs, which is a treatment itself. It is an inexcusable part of Pharmaceutical industries. 

2. Nitrogen Gas : Nitrogen’s inert characteristics make it a versatile gas in pharmaceutical companies. To begin with, it is regularly used as a pressurizing agent. Various equipments are tested for leaks using Nitrogen gas. Further, it is also used to transfer nearly any type of fluid from storage tanks or reservoirs. Also, it is used as a blanketing agent frequently. Liquid Nitrogen is also used to instantly freeze biological samples, such as blood, urine, etc.

3. Hydrogen Gas : Recent studies have shown an emerging role of Hydrogen gas in the medicinal sector. Hydrogen has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that have protective effects on biological issues.

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The pharmaceutical industry is a fast-growing one. In the last decade, it has seen tremendous growth, and operations are underway to make it more accessible. As such, there is also a growing market for gas plant manufacturer for pharmaceutical industries. Therefore, researchers are also looking for ways to make it more energy efficient. Medicinal operations are on-going every second, in every part of the world. Thus, we have to look for faster and safer forms to meet the energy demand. 

Nuberg GPD has a long-standing experience of manufacturing gas generators that are suited to the specific requirements of our valued clients. We adapt and innovate constantly to keep up with the changing courses in industrial equipments. Therefore, we are able to equip you with the latest technologies available for every product. 

Here are some of our clients that are involved in Pharmaceutical Industries: 
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