About Us


Nuberg is one of the key industrial players in Project Engineering and Turnkey Contracting companies running worldwide. The company is a dedicated group of veteran and proficient professionals and engineers having years of know how skills in the area to facilitate top-notch turnkey project services like engineering design, chemical process technology, procurement, implementation, commissioning & heavy fabrication in the industry of chemicals & fertilizers, nuclear & defense, steel and hydrocarbons.

Nuberg's Global Network

Nuberg Gpd Global Network

Nuberg has supplied in around 36 countries and has over 1000+ of installations in India. The company has an extensive global network of service that work to provide seamless services worldwide.

Nuberg's Competitive Edge

  • Single source of Process Development / Project Engineering / Construction of Plants.
  • Very good understanding of Client needs.
  • Quick customer response.

Our Strategic Alliance

Pioneer in adsorption technology and our strategic partner since 1997. CarboTech is a renowned German company known for its Activated Carbon and Carbon Molecular Sieve. Situated in the Ruhr industrial area, CarboTech has its roots in the German Mining Industry.

Nuberg Divisions

Nuberg is a global company divided into 3 divisions, namely; EPC, Heavy Fabrication & Gas Plant Division (GPD) with expertise in process equipment for various sectors.