Ammonia Cracking Unit


Ammonia Cracker Unit


Ammonia is a colourless gas with a characteristic strong punget smell. It has a very low density, making it lighter than air. Ammonia is produced through a very interesting process known as the Haber’s process. Ammonia Cracking Unit is the machinery used to produce Hydrogen and Nitrogen gas, in the presence of a Nickel catalyst. 

This fuel has several desirable characteristics that suggest its use as a medium to store hydrogen.

First, it can be liquefied under mild conditions. This means that ammonia can be stored in a simple, inexpensive pressure

Second, ammonia has a large weight fraction of hydrogen. Hydrogen constitutes 17.65% of the mass of ammonia. Therefore, Ammonia can be cracked (decomposed) over a catalyst to produce the desired fuel—
hydrogen (H2) along with nitrogen (N2) a non-toxic, non-greenhouse gas. The produced cracked gas is further cleaned in the Purification Unit.

Nuberg is also a leading manufacturer and supplier of Ammonia Cracking Units. Our top-notch engineers are always looking for different ways to increase the safety and vitality of our products. Hence, we are able to offer a wide range of products. For instance, various Pressure Vessels, Reactors, Absorbers, Columns, Heat Exchangers, Tanks, etc.  The main uses of the cracked gas include heat treatment i.e. Sintering, Brazing, Bright Annealing of S.S. Wire Production, Blade Production, S.S. Strip, and Components Annealing.

APPLICATIONs of ammonia cracking

  • Heat Treatment Industry
  • Gas Purification systems
  • Chemical Processes Industry
  • SS Wire Industry
  • T.V. Picture tube manufacturing Industry
  • Brazing
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