Hydrogen Power Plants


Hydrogen Gas is being called the ‘Fuel of the Future’. This is because of the vast potential it holds, and the rapid development happening for its industrial use. Since it is a clean fuel, it leaves no residue behind. Hence, it is being increasingly evolved to meet the demands of the world’s current and future energy needs. Also, many researchers view it as a possible replacement for carbon. This is due to the fact that Hydrogen is found in abundance in nature, and is non-polluting. A lot of developed countries are also making policy changes to facilitate direct investment in Hydrogen technology. Supplying Hydrogen to industrial users is now a major business around the world. Moreover, rising levels of CO2 emissions have emerged as a major environmental threat. Hence, the need for a more eco-friendly fuel for industry has become a top priority. 

The demand for Hydrogen power plants in India have also considerably risen. Hydrogen has numerous uses in the industrial sector. For instance, we use it for metalworking, flat glass production, electronics industry, etc.  

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At Nuberg, we are aware of the ever-changing innovations in the industry. Therefore, our group of experts are constantly engaged to provide our customers by providing the best possible solution to all their energy needs. As a result, we offer the latest technology available for Hydrogen power plants, which can provide the highest purity Hydrogen at 99.999%. Hence, we have grown to be the leading supplier of Hydrogen power plants in India.

Nuberg GPD offers Hydrogen Power Plants in India through various technologies:

WATER ELECTROLYSIS: This includes the passing of an electric current through water to split it into Hydrogen and Oxygen. If this process is done through the usage of renewable energy, the formed product is known as Green Hydrogen. For instance, if the electricity used is obtained through solar or wind energy, the product formed is Green Hydrogen. This is one of the most promising fuels to replace carbon in the near future.

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METHANOL CRACKING: Methanol Cracking is one of the easiest methods of Hydrogen generation, and also the most convenient. Also, it is cost effective as the raw materials are very limited, and can be easily stored. 

STEAM METHANE REFORMING (SMR): This process includes a high temperature steam being used to produce hydrogen from a methane source, such as natural gas. Hence, the reaction formed is: 


CH4 + H2O (+ heat) CO + 3H2

AMMONIA CRACKING: Ammonia Cracking is the most cost effective way to produce Hydrogen gas. Moreover, it also produces the purest form of Hydrogen gas that is available.This process includes pre-heating the ammonia in a heat exchanger. After that, it is vapourized and cracked in a furnace unit.


Our top-notch Hydrogen gas generators are known for their superior quality worldwide. We offer turnkey solutions to all your Hydrogen gas needs, with an in-house facility for the same. Further, we look over the entire manufacturing process so that quality and safety are assured. Therefore, our superior gas plants are known for being cost-effective, long-lasting, and low maintenance. Therefore, we have emerged as the leading manufacturer of Hydrogen Power Plants in India. 

Steam Methane Reforming Hydrogen Generator
Steam Methane Reforming
Hydrogen Generator Water Electrolysis
Water Electrolysis (Green Technology)
Ammonia Cracker Unit
Ammonia Cracking Unit
Methanol Cracking Hydrogen Plant Nuberg Gpd
Methanol Cracking Unit
Hydrogen Purification Unit
Hydrogen Purification Unit

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