Solvent Dehydration Plants

Solvent Dehydration Plants

In these tough times, when industries and manufacturing units are facing their production cuts, NUBERG is proud to announce the Commissioning of its Solvent Dehydration Plant for a prestigious pharma client in South India.

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We are World’s leading manufacturer of PSA Nitrogen Gas Plants, Hydrogen Generation Plants, Chemical Plants and Nugen PSA / VPSA Oxygen Gas Plants.

With More than 1200 Nos. of Successful installation (which are fully customized) worldwide since 1996, NUBERG is an extremely appreciated, experienced and renowned manufacturer of on- site gas plants for Nitrogen generation, Hydrogen generation, Oxygen generation and various types of Gas Purification & Air Dryers systems.

Nuberg Gas Plants Division, a global leader in Gas Generation and Purification, is pleased to offer Solvent Dehydration systems based on Adsorption technology to Provide Dry and Efficient Re-usable Solvents at an Economic Cost.

  • Reduction of Moisture level from 10000 ppm to less than 300ppm.
  • Minimal loss of Solvent Recovery up to 99 %( +/-0.2%) of the Solvent from regenerated line.
  • Regeneration is done through inert re-circulated Nitrogen in loop.
  • Flow capacities from 100 kg/h to 1000 kg/H.
  • Skid Mounted & PLC-based systems for fully automated operations.
  • Specially designed – Custom built

We are also engaged in Producing On-site Hydrogen Gas from various technologies, namely – Water Electrolysis, Steam Methane Reforming, Methanol Cracking and Ammonia Cracking.

We also provide Hydrogen Recovery Systems, Hydrogen Purification systems, Gas Recovery Systems and Gas Drying Units.

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