Nuberg Gpd Set Ups Nitrogen Generation Unit In Messrs Homs Refinery Ltd Syria

Nuberg sets up Nitrogen Generation Unit in Syria

The Nuberg Group is an engineering and technology-driven industrial conglomerate based in India. As a group, it provides Engineering and Industrial plant solutions and services across various industries. For example, Nitrogen is used as a blanketing and purging gas in the Pharmaceutical industry.

Pulling off an incredible feat, Nuberg Engineering Limited has commissioned its PSA Nitrogen Generation Unit, in Homs city, Syria. Accordingly, with a flow rate of 500 NM3/Hr, with 99.99% purity, the unit will produce Nitrogen gas to ensure the need for gasoline production units.

To know more about Nitrogen PSA Plants, click here.

Since its inception in 1996, Nuberg has set up more than 900 Gas processing plants and more than 60 Greenfield chemical plants around the world. So far, the Nuberg Group has three divisions vis-a-vis Nuberg GPD, one of the biggest manufacturers and suppliers of Gas plants across industries; Moreover, Nuberg EPC specializes in Turnkey chemical projects and Nuberg HFD, manufacturing and supply of heavy industrial equipment. The group is headquartered in Noida, India.

The establishment of this Nitrogen Generation Unit has been monumental in the company’s history. Also, it hopes it will be the the stepping stone for many such future endeavors.

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